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Drupal may be in the future Date: 02-20-2008 22:45

Site Update:
I'm reviewing possible content management suites such as Drupal to replace the homebrew scripts that are This will not be an easy conversion.
Posted by kenta

Neglected Updates & Date: 12-17-2006 15:03

For about 3 months I neglected to login and process any updates. If you've uploaded something it will, eventually, appear on the site.

A note to those uploading mp3's: Please do not upload mp3's from the albums or mp3's that can be obtained from The Internet Archive: Live Music Archive has over 250 live Guster performances as well as a plethora of music from other taper-friendly bands. Check'em out.
Posted by kenta

System Maintenance Date: 08-08-2006 15:25

Server Maintenance 8/14 - 8/19. Do not upload any files
during this time. Thanks.

Posted by kenta

The Pasty Tapes Volume 3 (with Guster) Date: 02-19-2006 22:27

Thanks to "likearollingnick" for updating the media section with mp3's from The Pasty Tapes Volume 3 (with Guster).

No thanks to the Xanga users who were embedding mp3's from the media section in their profile pages. Each time a page loaded it would pull the mp3 from the servers. So we just went ahead and "fixed the glitch". I have a feeling it will just work itself out naturally.

Posted by kenta