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What is it?: is a fan site for the band Guster. If you'd like to visit Guster's official site click here.

Mission Statement:
Make the fans (That's you!) the content providers. It's as simple as that. has sections for users to enter input. Been to a show recently? Send us the setlist or write a show review. Got some MP3's that we don't have? Upload them!

We want users to participate. This is almost as evil as being in high school again (or for those of you in highschool, it's like going to gym class and having to play that one thing you hate the most). No really... it's easy and when it involves something you like it's not work at all.

How it works: admins view a special page that allows them to see what's new, and edit existing web content.

From here an admin can perform maintenance like deleting files from the system...

Or approve/disapprove files, setlists, show reviews, etc...

Once material is "Approved" it's pushed directly to the website for everyone to enjoy.

The content is dependant on you. So next time you go to a show or get some new MP3 please contribute. Come back often to see if others have contributed.

If you'd like to see new features let me know. I can be e-mailed at the link below.